About Us

The Beginning of Dulce Boca

Years ago my father gave me a recipe for alfajores. Alfajores are cookies comprised of two thin, light and airy cookies which envelope a creamy caramel center. 

The various options available for these delectable alfajores are: alfajores lightly showered with powdered sugar, elegantly drizzled with Ghirardelli’s scrumptious dark or white chocolate and lastly, coconut flakes which hug the outer layer of the creamy caramel filled center. 

At Dulce Boca we offer the guilty pleasure of a cookie that melts in your mouth. 

Let's be sweet.

At Dulce Boca, business is a family affair. Our pride in the product is of the utmost importance. Our quality homemade dulce de leche cookie makes for a great gift for any occasion! Don’t forget to indulge yourself! Place an order here or just give us a call.

Hungry yet?